Baptisms and Thanksgiving Services

Thanksgiving and Blessing
Baptism (sometimes known as Christening) marks a new beginning of Christian life whether we are adults, young people or children. St Helen’s and St. Mary’s welcome people of all ages and are committed to providing a safe and welcoming place for people to explore and grow in the Christian faith and to remain faithful to their baptismal promises. Baptisms are always held during the main 10.30 service which lasts for up to 2 hours. 
Many people feel they would like to give thanks for their child in Church in a very special way, to seek God’s blessings for their child and mark the occasion with a family celebration. For some, however, baptism can feel like it is too big a commitment which they are not yet ready to make.  In this case, parents may like to consider a special service of Thanksgiving and Blessing.   This is a shorter “private” service (20-30 minutes) during which the child is blessed by name and signed with the sign of the cross. It can be held at a time to suit the child and parents. 
How it works here...
Parent(s)/Adults are first encouraged to come along to the worship at St. Helen's and St. Mary's (details of services are on this website) to ensure that they are comfortable with the type of worship and happy to make their spiritual home here. Cafe Church and First Sunday Fun (Messy Church) often work well for families but KFC (Kids Fun Church) is held at other 10.30 services.. 

When you are sure this is the church for you, you come along to an Enquirers' Morning or evening which we hold at St. Helen's about once every 2 or 3 months. This is an interactive event (with cake!) that lasts for about 90 minutes. Also, if you come along to one of our services, a member of our leadership team would be happy to chat with you. 

After this you are invited to think and pray about which option suits you best and then to fill in a form and make a booking.

If you opt for baptism there will be further preparation for adults or for parents and available godparents.