How can we help you?

If you would like a Church service, please speak to your funeral director and let them know your preferences.  The funeral director will contact us and we will then arrange to visit you and discuss your wishes.

At a Church funeral you will hear a bible reading, some prayers and possibly sing some hymns.  You are also very welcome to include other poems and readings and some music that is special to you- it doesn't have to be religious or 'churchy'.
Funerals can happen in the church before moving on to the crematorium or graveyard.   If you would like ashes to be buried in the churchyard please speak to your funeral director and they will help you to arrange the funeral with us.
Both St. Helen's and St. Mary's have open graveyards if you wish to have a burial.  If this is the case then a funeral usually happens in the church and then we move immediately outside to a commital in the graveyard.
Cremations and burial of ashes
If you prefer to have a cremation then there are various options open to you.  Some people choose to have a funeral service in church and then go to the crematorium for a very short commital service.  Others choose to have the whole service at the crematorium. Let us know what you prefer  After cremation we are happy to arrange for a burial of ashes in either church yard.  Again, please speak to your funeral director and they will contact us.
More about funerals
To find out more about what is possible with a church funeral or cremation, visit the Church of England Funerals website
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