Posada began in Mexico as an Advent tradition where ‘Mary’ and ‘Joseph’ would travel through the town, visiting a different house every night and telling people the story of Jesus’ birth.  Their journey reflected the journey of the real Mary and Joseph as they made their way to Bethlehem. ’Posada’ means ‘inn’ or ‘hotel’ in Spanish and, every night, a different host would accept Mary and Joseph into their house and offer them hospitality.
Our parish posada is very similar!  Instead of real people we are sending some figures of Mary and Joseph around the homes of our community and we are looking for hosts.
If you would like to take part, sign up on the Posada host sheet , or contact Mina and we will contact you with details of the host who will bring Mary and Joseph to you and the place where you will need to take them next.

Posada Hosts

  • Accept Mary and Joseph into your home or workplace with a little celebration.  This might be sharing coffee and mince pies with your neighbours or something more inventive- let your imagination flow!
  • Read the Nativity story (supplied with Mary and Joseph!)
  • Entertain Mary and Joseph during the next day- take them shopping, to the pub, to school, for a coffee, and take some photos of what they are doing.
  • The next day/ evening, take Mary and Joseph to the next host on the list and join in their celebration.
  • Optional- post your photos on the Posada Facebook page